"I entered the Svasta program to follow through on a dream to teach and share yoga with as many people as possible. I was fully prepared to delve deep into all aspects of teaching from anatomy to philosophy to ethics. While I was offered an amazing curriculum that touched on all of the bases, I was also offered a much needed opportunity for self inquiry. It was as if I was able to illuminate the deepest parts of my soul and in doing so better understand myself and my path. I graduated not only prepared to start teaching but with the ability to live life more authentically. I highly recommend this program whether you are set on teaching, simply want to deepen your practice, or figure out the next step." - Courtney

"As someone who hopped around a couple different teacher training programs before finding the right one, I knew Svasta Yoga School was different. I went in with the goal of teaching yoga but left with so much more. Svasta teaches the heart of Yoga and cares for each individual student. You don't just learn how to assemble a series but also the history of the Yoga tradition, the holistic healing of Ayurveda, and how to deepen your practice through breath-work and meditation. 

"You are given the tools to truly balance your body, mind, and spirit. I owe the unveiling of my practice to Svasta Yoga School. Rhia and Stacey are continuously working to improve the program, bringing in new elements each year.  If you are interested in deep inquiry, getting to the core of yoga, and learning to listen to your body, Svasta Yoga School is the program for you." - Madelyn

"When I enrolled into Svasta Yoga School I was interested in deepening my personal yoga practice and strengthening my voice as it's a fear of mine to speak in front of people. I did not anticipate to fall in love with each of the teachings as much as I did. The program was skilfully designed and without a doubt the best training I have been a part of in years.  I realized I couldn't be strong in my voice if I wasn't fully taking up space in my body and I'm grateful for the medicine of Yoga and it's teachings that lead me to full body participation." - Mary Kathryn

"I stumbled into Svasta Yoga School by quite a serendipitous encounter and boy am I glad I did. The teachers who lead this program do so with humility, depth and integrity. Throughout the course, I was encouraged to learn by experience, not by mere study or rote memorization. Because of the experiential model of this program, I understand the totality of what yoga can be and how it can effect people's lives in myriad ways. This program is much more than asana. It digs deep and wide, and provides support, structure and insights all along the way. I couldn't be prouder of being a graduate of Svasta Yoga School." - Lauren