Do I have to want to be a yoga teacher to take a Yoga Teacher Training?

Absolutely not. You do not need to walk away from your career or your education. In fact, being a full-time yoga teacher is not necessarily the easiest gig…just ask your favorite one! While you certainly CAN
try to make a living teaching yoga, we are just as happy to see our graduates take the lessons they learn in training and apply it to their engineering, medical and management careers. Seriously...some of our most amazing students have simply utilized the work from this training in their current positions. Svasta Yoga School is about establishing your personal practice. It’s about fulfilling your quest as a seeker. It’s about taking the opportunity to do some deep study of yourself and your pretty spectacular place in this world.  If you choose to share this knowledge with others in the role of teacher---wonderful. But if you simply choose to LIVE IT on a daily basis…well…that makes our hearts swell too.


I can’t “do” a lot of the poses. Is this program for me?

We know that yoga has become synonymous with lots of incredible-looking poses.  The truth is that the physical practice is just one (small) part of the yoga tradition. While our training includes a significant focus on asana practice, it does so in context of a bigger picture, and with an over-arching theme of making the
poses accessible to every body. If you can’t teach yoga to someone with tight hamstrings or understand what poses to practice (and teach) to prepare for meditation then we haven’t done our jobs well. This
training will emphasize practical anatomy and alignment, as well as the subtle body---why do some poses make you feel energized and expansive while others help calm you? We’re more concerned with how
long you’ve practiced (one year minimum, and your commitment to learning than what you can do on the mat.


I have already taken a yoga teacher training. Will this training be repetitive?

First, never ever stop being a seeker or a student. Whether you choose to enroll in this program with Svasta Yoga School or move in a different direction, do not stop learning. Second, while there are certain requirements that all Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Schools must fulfill (20 hours of anatomy and physiology for example), each school does so through it’s own lineage and world-view. Our faculty has over 50+ years of teaching experience. They have studied with world-renowned yoga masters including Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Annie Carpenter, Schuyler Grant, Erich Schiffmann and many others. Our training emphasizes yoga + ayurvedic wisdom, intelligent + creative sequencing, the subtle body experience and practical anatomy. If those are areas you are interested in studying and learning more about then you should most definitely consider joining our 200-hour program regardless of whether you have a training under your belt.